Sunday, March 07, 2010

Leeds 602

602 has been cleaned for exhibition and is now in Depot III.

In my excitement at seeing 264, I forgot to take interior pictures of 602. If it is still in Depot III on Tuesday I will take some but photography is not now allowed in the exhibition hall.
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  1. Rob McCaffery8/3/10 01:51

    Is the photography ban in the exhibition hall temporary during reconstruction or will it apply once it's re-opened to the public?

  2. Anonymous14/3/10 17:17

    Could anyone tell me what the is reason for this car not being in service anymore? Thanks.

  3. Rob, no idea, but I would imagine it would be temporary and due to HSE regs etc.

    Anon, as much as I loathe replying to you it is because 602's VAMBAC equipment is extremely complex and (I believe) the time taken to commission it is not worth the very small amount of useage it would have. Very few people could drive it. I also think the VAMBAC unit needs work... but i'm not sure so don't quote me!

  4. Rob McCaffery16/3/10 16:27

    Thanks very much for responding Jack, that makes sense.