Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tram conductor

Yesterday I worked my first full traffic duty since August 2008 and renewed my conductor's licence. My knowledge of Berlin 3006 was a bit rusty and I have asked to spend a bit of time with an instructor re-familiarising myself with this tram.

A full check of the line is now made before the service starts which enabled me to get this picture of Chesterfield 7 at Wakebridge.

Southampton 45 passing Felixstowe docks on the last journey of the day.
It has been suggested that this notice represents a business development opportunity.


  1. I assume you were on Chesterfield 7 with Paul? I like 7, but the only problem I've found is not having long enough arms to reach the bell and the handbrake at the same time when pulling away from Termini.
    Southampton 45: good tram, bit of a pain to conduct on upstairs though, especially with my big feet! lol

  2. 7 is great fun to conduct! That said, I'm blessed with long arms! It's got a nice bell to it as well...