Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I was in Manchester on Saturday.

The roadway at the entrance to Piccadilly bus station is already breaking up after only about a year's use.
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  1. Anonymous23/9/10 13:11

    Boy oh boy you've really got it in for Manchester Metrolink. First the coping stones over the new railway bridges and now the road surface on the busiest part of the system. What next?

  2. Manchesterman23/9/10 16:00

    If ever I saw an argument for keeping normal road vehicles away from the tram tracks this was it. I guess most of the damage is done by buses.

  3. The problem is that Britain is still reinventing tram technology and ignoring the experience of the dreaded continent. Britain knows best and Continentals are dummies seems to be the engineering rule of the day.
    I have seen worse than Manchester in Edinburgh recently. Brand new track, where the first tram has not even run and the road surface is already destroyed. Amsterdam sees many tram tracks used by buses and lorries without these problems, at least not so soon.
    I wish such work in Britain was a jerry job. If the Germans had build this to their standard, it would have been a different world.