Monday, November 20, 2017


Poster in tram interior.                                                                                                                                                               The Tranvia Historico in Buenos Aires operates at weekends offering free rides around a loop of approximately 1 mile.  The depot on Emilio Mitre Street is also used as a workshop for the Subte (underground system) cars.  It must be quite a sight to see the Subte cars emerge from the underground and trundle along the street to the depot.

Makers plate from Carris de Ferro do Porto

Detail of the wood work in the interior

Light fittings and clerestory glass

Photo of tram 291 arriving onits low loader

258 controller

Depot yard

Info re Amigos Tranvia

258 passing the depot en route to the terminus

Mr Podesta, still enthusiastic after many years

People were queuing for the tram  at least an hours before service started

Along Emilio Mitre Street

These are the gates and tacks where the Subte cars come up to the surface to get to the tram depot workshop

Tranvia Cafe

Tranvia terminus stop

Passing the depot gates

One of the cars in the depot

Sube cars in the depot

Another depot shot, showing a Subte car, engine and 125

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