Saturday, May 11, 2013


Before we went on our ride, we were taken into the workshops and shown around. The workshop was very clean and tidy, well equipped and seemed to have no shortage of parts. From there we went into the office building expecting to be taken to a Museum room, but instead were taken to see a wonderful KTM5 simulator, which even had an electrically operated door from one room to another!

From the tour we rode along the route a little way to where there was a bridge and we spent some time there watching the shift change trams passing, full of passengers

Tram going to the refinery taken from the bridge

Truck being worked on in the workshop

Motors lined up

Wheel sets in the workshop

Pile of sleepers

Very ornate depot gates

Depot garden

Simulator room showing pantograph being raised

The driver adjusting her seat and showing the electronically operated door

Circuit diagram which lit up as the motors worked


Close up of wiring diagram

Some of the switch gear

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