Thursday, May 09, 2013


Saturday 27 April we were in Vitebsk and let loose for the morning, but to be back at the hotel at lunchtime to go en masse to the tram depot. We were due at the depot at 2 pm and had to take the no 1 tram from outside the hotel. Vitebcsk has street running and reserved track routes operated by a very mixed fleet of RVZ6, KTM5, KTM8 and 28 AKSM cars, of which at least 12 have low floor sections.  there is also an exdtensive trolleybus network with routes operated by various AKSM/BKM types and a few remaining old ZIUs.

The cost of the tram tour was a bit fluid, first it might be €20, then €10, but it if you took a book for the manager it might be free.  Needless to say he had a lot of books given to him and he reciprocated by giving the book donors one about Vitebsk, which had been reprinted specially for us.

Stained glass window on the stairs leading to the museum and archive

this line up greeted us in the depot yard

We took RVZ 421 for our tour, which smelled of fresh paint on the inside!

Photo showing the low floor section
This sight greeted us just inside the depot gates
The No 1 tram approaching the stop outside out hotel

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