Saturday, November 29, 2014


The best laid plans etc..   We thought we'd have a day in Manchester to ride the latest extensions we had not yet managed to do.  On arrival at Piccadilly Undercroft, we were greeted with a few staff in hi-vis vests telling us no trams from there today and we would have to walk up to Piccadilly Gardens.  On setting off on our walk, we found that the track under the footbridge near the Undercroft was receiving attention, hence no trams.  We also knew about engineering works on the ramp past GMex which was ongoing, so plans had to be hastily rethought, ce la vie, and we still haven't been to Ashton!

First sight of the engineering workd at Piccadilly Station

Work in progress

Trams for Rochdale direction were turning in the street just out of Piccadilly Gardens

Made it to East Didsbury after taking a bus replacement service to Trafford Bar

Finally made the Airport extension just as dusk was falling.

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