Monday, May 25, 2015

NAPOLI MAY 2015 - Martin Miller

A couple of pics from Napoli with most services being operated by Sirio trams. Heavily modified Peter Witt cars appear on Route 2 which seems to have a frequency of every 36 minutes!
Napoli is basically a two route system comrising 1 and 4 and is "T" shaped. The 4 runs the lengh of the top of the "T" and the 1 from the base of the "T" to the right hand side of the top. The very occasional 2 runs from the left hand side of the top of the "T" to half way down the "tail". All services affected by very bad traffic congestion and it took all day to complete the system with lots of waiting about. Beverley is very tolerant! Napoli is the noisiest City I have ever visited.
Video shows the intermediate turn back used by the 2 and service 1 short working to try and get back on schedule.

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