Tuesday, August 07, 2018


Frank Bagshaw paid a visit to the Glasgow museum on Saturday 4 August.
“Room and Kitchen” car 672 was not scrapped with other members of the class but became a Mains Testing car, finally being restored to take part in the closing procession of trams. The dash panels have been repainted into the correct colours. One half has wooden seats for smokers, the other upholstered seats. Wouldn’t it be lovely to conduct this tram today.
Not a success in Glasgow as was planned to be a light swift vehicle with a higher standard of comfort to see if it could win back traffic that had been lost to private bus concerns on interurban traffic. Passenger flow was nor as rapid as expected and the lack of seats caused too many standing passengers.

Originally built as an open top tram and eventually rebuilt with a top cover , 779 was returned to earlier condition when saved for preservation.

Handsome coronation 1173, sister to 1245 at East Anglia Transport museum, 1274 at Seashore and 1282 at Crich

1088 last of the hex dash trams to be built. Here it is in the company of a single deck trolleybus.

Sister to 1297 at Crich, here is the only other preserved cunarder - 1392 which spent some time at the  former Clapham museum.

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