Wednesday, November 12, 2008

George Stephenson, Shanghai and the Library

A small team of employees and volunteers has spent the last few weeks packing artifacts in the library into storage boxes and moving them to temporary storage racks. This will enable contractors to install modern high density storage shelves which will increase the capacity of the library.
1. It is always tempting to look at the artifacts. This is a hand written diary from 1848 that was kept by James Jeffries, a contractor from Crich. On 12th August 1848 he learnt of George Stephenson's death. On 17th August he attended George Stephenson's funeral in Chesterfield.
This diary will ultimately be displayed in the Stone Workshop.

2. Just some of the boxes.
3. Yesterday Bob Hall and I spent a few hours unrolling engineering drawings which will in future be stored flat. One of the drawings by EMB was for metre gauge maximum traction bogies for Shanghai in 1931. I was surprised that all the dimensions were in imperial measurements.Posted by Picasa

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