Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wakebridge - 12th November

Wakebridge passing loop was built by volunteer labour during the 1970s using second hand material and hand tools. The line to Glory Mine opened in 1978 and so Wakebridge has been a busy passing loop for 30 years and was a credit to those who built it. However the rather sharp curves were beginning to show signs of significant wear. The track immediately to both the north and south of the loop had been replaced with brand new rail more recently, so the decision was taken to replace the entire loop.
As the volunteer track gang no longer exists and some of the methods and equipment used would not meet today's safety standards, professional contactors are being used.
The outline plan is:
  • remove all of the existing track and points
  • mark out the new track plan (the points will be slightly further apart so that less sharp curves can be used)
  • dig out this area to a depth of two feet or so and establish levels
  • fill with hardcore and compact with high tech 'Wacker'
  • fill with concrete ultimately resulting in a concrete bed for the entire passing loop
  • layout and level the track
  • fishplates will be used for point castings but all other rail joints will be welded
  • check out all clearances etc before filling to rail head level

1. General view looking northwards, showing the state of the art construction equipment.
2 & 3. Steel shuttering is being laid around the area to be concreted.
4. This machine was being used as a giant fork lift.
5. Levelling the hard core.

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  1. Lets see, dig out the ground, partly fill with hard core and compact then a concrete base for the rails, just like they do on modern tramways. How come when Town End was done a few years ago it wasn't done then? Looks like someone knows what they are doing this time.