Friday, November 28, 2008


The new busway at Wakebridge (see comments on Wakebridge 20th Nov) won't be quite the same as this one. To reduce the trip hazards the concrete base will be the full width of the swept path. Second hand concrete sleepers no longer required for tram track will be laid on their sides to produce the guideway.
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Comment #1
In response to the first comment I understand that second-hand German built motor buses from Australia are already on the high seas.
Comment #2
My plan is to replace the entire tramway with second-hand German-built guided buses - so there will be no need for any trams which could then be sold on ebay by sncvnmvb.
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  1. What an excellent money saving idea as well as a new attraction for 2009 and TMS 50! Will the trams be for the chop and be replaced by guided trolleybuses?? Perhaps there could be some tramway system closure re-enactment ceremonies and tram burning?
    Turning circles could be easily constructed at both ends of the redundant trackbed.Scrap concrete sleepers shouldn't be a problem to complete this project as there are enough stacked in Clay Cross yard to construct a guided busway from Town end to Glory mine via Buxton!

  2. Couldn't agree more! What a great idea, perhaps the tram service could be supplemented by guided buses when there aren't enough trams on the board?