Monday, October 29, 2012


The tramway of Rouen is quite different to all other French tramways as it is similar to German Stadtbahn and Belgian Pre Metro systems.  There is an underground trunk route in the city centre and two overground  branches in the southern suburbs.  Overground sections are built to French standard with many grassed tracks.  The planned second underground east-west section has been cancelled due to financial reasons and no more extensions or lines are planned.  A bus system named TEOR, with many bus lanes, tramway-like stations and optical guidance was established for the east-west axis.

Departing terminus at Georges Bracque

Bridge over the Seine - very proud of Joan of Arc connection

Bridge over the Seine - there's always one Sunday motorist!

Entrance to one of the subways at Theatre des Artes - no tram in view as only 20 minute Sunday Service

Georges Bracque terminus

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