Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Unfair dismissal appeal

I have agreed to meet the Appeals Panel in the afternoon of Friday 17th July. I have asked for copies of various minutes for my benefit in preparing my statement. I have also asked for two third party statements which I hope will help both the Panel and me understand what happened and why.
Despite everything, I am still hoping that justice will prevail and that from now on the Society's disciplinary codes will be applied to employees and volunteers alike.

10th July
I asked for the following documents:
1. A statement from the Curator explaining exactly what I have done wrong with dates and times of each incident and the reasons why he considers this to be gross misconduct that could not be remedied in any way other than by instant dismissal.
2. A statement from the Collections Management Committee as to why they didn't explain the obscure membership rules for this committee and have taken no interest in my work and simply refused to consider my application to join.
3. Minutes of the Collections Management Committee from April 2006 to March 2009.
Here is the Panel's response:
Your list of documents does not appear to be of direct relevance to the five grounds that form the basis of your appeal. The Panel is not in a position to seek documentation not relevant to the grounds of the appeal.

What next?


  1. The words "Stitch" and "up" come to mind Richard, best of luck!

  2. Gordon Bulmer11/7/09 09:27

    I agree with Gary, and it looks like the result of your appeal is already decided.
    Best of l