Sunday, September 06, 2009

Parry People (Mover?)

Readers are invited to make up a story based on these pictures beginning
"Once upon a time Richard and Kath ......"
Peter Biggs has risen to the challenge - see below. Thankyou Peter.

Once upon a time Richard and Kath went away on holiday and decided to travel on a low carbon footprint by rail. What a surprise they got at the station with the platform gates locked and the steam engine with no steam.
Never mind, they thought, let’s travel on one of the new fangled trams with stored energy even if the idea was in use over 100 years ago. What a surprise they got, it was only half a tram and it was not working and the offer to go by taxi was not on really with its high pollution level. Thank goodness a billycan carrying duty inspector had not seen the guy in the reflective safety jacket.
Never mind, they thought, lets travel on a bus. What a surprise they got, it was beautiful and new but it was painted all over in black! The only bits missing were the flowers and the mourners and the coffin.
Never mind, they thought lets skip the holiday and go home.

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