Monday, September 28, 2009


Yesterday we went to Showbus. Nothing much to do with trams let alone the National Tramway Museum you may think.
1. Former North Western Road Car Co Leyland Tiger Cub number 696. In the late 50s 636 and 646 were based at Matlock. The only connection with the TMS that I can think of is that former President Ian Yearsley started his career at 2 Charles Steet, Stockport.
2. These would look good displayed next to Leicester 76.
3. Look carefully at one of the ticket punches.
4. Former President, Alan Bertram at work on the LCCTT sales stand. The LCCTT has funded the restoration of LCC 106, LT 1622 and LUT 159 and has LCC 1 in its sights.Posted by Picasa

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