Thursday, September 24, 2009


It is now six months since Glynn Wilton, Curator of the National Tramway Museum, told me in writing that my services were no longer required as a volunteer in the library. Had I been a part time employee then Glynn's actions would have been illegal under employment law.
I also question the role of Ian Dougill, Secretary of the Tramway Museum Society, who I believe advised Glynn and encouraged him to dismiss me.
The Tramway Museum Society has formal 'Disciplinary rules & procedures for working members of the Society' but Ian and Glynn choose to ignore these.
I have appealed to the Board of Management but they seem unable to reach a decision. I think they are hoping this incident will soon be forgotten. They are now taking steps to recruit paid staff to do some of the work I did as a volunteer.


  1. I.P.Freely24/9/09 17:49

    A few whispers have said that the job may have been created just for Nick . If your face fits as they say .

  2. Anonymous24/9/09 22:16

    It's WHOM I believe advised....., Richard.

    You'll never be a good volunteer with grammar like that.

  3. Anonymous24/9/09 22:46

    'This incident' - i.e. what you so irresponsibly published on your blog without warning will probably never be forgotten by some, Richard Lomas.

    Privilege without responsibilty is appalling.

  4. hard working volunteer25/9/09 09:18

    As a working volunteer, i personally think this type of disscusion is not a good idea as it may be putting new volunteers of and should be stopped.
    It is also dragging people down now and is slagging people of who do a lot of hard work for the museum as a volunteer as well as a paid job.

    If you're not happy Richard, why don't you do like a lot of us and just get on with something in another department and come do some conducting. We need conductors most of the time and it would be a big help if you did this.

  5. Anonymous25/9/09 10:27

    Maybe, I P Freely (geddit?), but what's that got to do with what Lomas did in the first place?

  6. Anonymous25/9/09 10:58

    It rained an awful lot in August. I blame Glynn Wilton!

  7. peter biggs25/9/09 18:06

    What a lot on anonymous people. What are they frightened of.
    Is there a chance of getting a result from the Board on the appeal about a 'volunteer' getting the sack?
    Perhaps the shortage of volunteers is down to the expense of getting to the site or to the way that they are treated when they get there. Never mind I'm sure the board will sort it out.

  8. Anonymous25/9/09 18:41

    You mention employment law Richard, but what you have published on the blog (which, let us not forget, is in the public domain) would result in you being sacked from any company. Some people have been sacked from their jobs for posting things about their company on Facebook, which is only open to "friends".

    Let us also not forget that you have published your side of the ztory on here for all to see, but there are always two sides to any story.

    In these times, when the Museum needs all the support it can get, comments of the sort seen on your blog are enough to make people think twice about helping.

    As to the comment by "I.P.Freely" - it is never wise to trust whispers, and by putting such a comment in the public domain, you are contributing to a game of Chinese whispers and posting speculation that is unreliable. Nor is the comment actually relevant to the topic under discussion.

  9. Chris P Bacon25/9/09 18:58

    Surely the times cant be that hard for the Traway museum if they can just create positions willy nilly for people who are preferred. If Glynn wanted a pet , surely it wouldv been better to get him a dog called Nick . Amazing that they always plead poverty but can set somebody on so easily , what exactly is the money on offer ? And if the role that they are advertising was one done previously for nothing, wouldnt the money have been put to better use ?

  10. Don Keedick26/9/09 12:38

    In response to the person , who said that Mr I P Freely shouldnt mention the whispers he has heard , i too have had it on very good authority that the role is already Nicks, but obv the Tramway does the whole advertising thing as a cover , etc etc . All i,l say is that i was told by two seperate people , for names sake i,ll call them Karen and Gylnn. 100 percent certain, the job is Nicks , who has been spotted funnily enough at the tramway this week on several occasions . In this instance Mr Freely , the whispers were infact true . Sorry that Gylnn and Ian are ganging up on you Richard , and Karen aswell.

  11. A former Tram driver26/9/09 17:03

    I was a member of this Museum many years ago, Conductor and Driver, I left many years ago, I have found that when you are the flavour of the month, anything is possible, If you are not then it will be bloody difficult to get anywhere, I foudn it difficult progress from handbrake to Airbrake Trams, I was actually blocked from moving from one class of Tram that was being taken out of service to training on another class, while many new drivers were getting training on BOTH and passed out on BOTH.

    I gave up and went to pastures new and tell you what, I couldn't be more happier as I had found something more worthwhile and interesting while getting PAID for it, I am still interested in Trams, just not the Politics of this Museum, it REALLY is the case of whether your face fits.