Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ant Repairs and other stories

As has been noted whilst I continue to be banned from volunteering in the Library I have wandered round the Museum taking photographs. During this time I saw that most of the wooden objects on the Woodland Walk were deteriorating badly. I was therefore very pleased to be able to take these pictures of remedial work today (1&2).
Whilst it has a new floor the Bandstand still looks shabby (3).
The stone circle has stood the test of time (4).

My application for a position in the Library has been acknowledged and I have been told that I will shortly be invited for an interview along with other candidates. I will do my best to put the case for older applicants with enthusiasm, product knowledge and experience rather than formal academic qualifications.

I will also continue to press for the ban on my work as a volunteer to be lifted and am seriously considering taking legal advice.

I understand that site preparation for the winter track renewal project at Town End will start on Monday. As with Wakebridge, I hope to publish pictures of this work week by week.
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  1. Disgruntled30/9/09 20:20

    I'm confused. Your work as a volunteer has been banned? You point out that the Bandstand is shabby so why not volunteer to do something about it (or are you not academically qualified for that either)? There's more to volunteering as has already been mentioned re conducting duties.

  2. Anonymous30/9/09 21:29

    The ant is starting to look good again, Richard.
    Wood is always vulnerable, of course.
    A good set of pictures.
    Thanks, Richard.