Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Library

I have applied for a post as a Collections Access Assistant as advertised on


  1. Anonymous17/9/09 22:28

    But what's your directly relevant degree (see person specs)

  2. Anonymous18/9/09 11:56

    you said no more anon messages
    whats going on

  3. Anonymous19/9/09 20:13

    A very interesting question indeed 'Anonymous' and a very interesting job spec. It would appear that if the Collections Access Assistant fulfills all the required criteria they will be better qualified than the Curator!

  4. Anonymous20/9/09 21:02

    If these comments are in the public interest (pompous!) tell us your relevant degree, Richard.

    Or could it be that you are applying for a job that you know you are not qualified for? If so, why waste people's time. It's doing this sort of thing that builds up the substantial (true) bad feeling against you.

  5. Anonymous20/9/09 21:17

    Just read you are applying for that job. Get a grip, Richard. How would you be able to wander round at Crich most days compiling your blog pictures when your working hard in the library. Its only because of all that spare time that the blog has become such a success. PLEASE dont desert all us genuine members.

  6. Anonymous20/9/09 21:44

    So remember Richard when you go for interview, tell them you are better qualified than the Curator. It will help your appeal enormously. Thinking about it I,m going to write to the panel and tell them. You did say you wanted a decision quickly. That should really get them moving.

  7. In view of your statement that these comments are in the public interest and to reduce unnecessary gossip I am writing to advise that the Curator has a Post Graduate Diploma (similar to a masters Degree) in a directly relevant subject and the skills and qualifications detailed in the person specification are required to ensure that this post genuinely adds to the Museum's overall credibility as a professional organisation.

  8. Anonymous24/9/09 22:09

    How curious, I always thought you had to get a degree first before you could do Post Graduate anything? Surely the Curator just has a Diploma in Museum Studies which is nothing remotely like a Masters Degree and more akin to an NVQ and of about as much use or credibility?

  9. Anonymous25/9/09 10:43

    I'll ask again. What's your directly relevant degree, Richard? I suspect you haven't one, of course. In which case, applying for a job without the required qualifications says so much about you. Why should a national museum, with hard-earned professional credibility and respect, allow such a person privileged access? I include in this the apparently total access to the workshop to take photographs for a personal (note: personal) blog. By the same logic, anyone should be allowed in.

  10. Anonymous25/9/09 21:22

    Directly relevant degree or no relevant degree, what does it matter? Obviously English language isn't the strong point of 'Anonymous'. A grammatical disaster, 0/10! Don't bother asking Richard to justify his application again as quite clearly you are ill-educated (thick) and in no position to comment on his level of education.