Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oporto 273 and Blackpool 167 out of Blackpool celebrations?

Tramways Monthly has reported that following an incident 273 will not participate in any of the Blackpool 125 events.

However there is no reference to this on the official web sites.

I have also received this report:
"167 ran a hot box whilst on tour and was towed to Thornton Gate sidings. Presumably that's another one off the run."


  1. Seems that several days after the Official Site is now reporting it - was told it was out the day after though, thus our story! ;-)

    More bad news, Blackpool 167 is also out of the celebrations, after failing on it's last run yesterday. Full details of exactly what happened and what's wrong etc are still awaited, though reports are saying that the motor at no. 2 end has seized due to problems with the bearings... Hmm.

    Rack 2 is now, interestingly, the 'last' Crich tram standing - despite it being the oldest tram at the Celebrations and not even meant to be there!


  2. The TMS blog seems to suggest that 167 may be fixed so it can run in the procession on September 29th, and also implies that Oporto 273 may still run despite an announcement already being made elsewhere to the contrary. Fingers crossed but the show's not over yet!

    Also, one other minor correction: 167 was not actually towed to Thornton Gate but was dumped on the centre track at Bispham where it spent the evening. It was then towed back to the depot later that night so as not to cause further disruption to service cars.

  3. Just trying to figure out how the other commenter says that 167 got towed to TG sidings, when;
    a) They no longer exist!
    b) No non-transponder cars can pass through the crossing at Little Bispham (And so, presumably, towed cars cannot as it will be a slower speed so the sequence finishes too soon)
    c) There are reports of it being sat on the centre track at Bispham until at least close of play on Saturday

    Would be nice if people could check their facts every now and then :-)


  4. Anonymous16/9/10 07:58

    The Blackpool 125 events are rapidly turning into a shambles and will no doubt reflect badly on those involved in its planning. Lets hope 167 is sorted out soon.

  5. Anonymous16/9/10 21:12

    A shambles? You must mean the workshop who grant access and photo privileges to Richard (what about the rest of us by the way?) and then he posts this.

  6. As can be seen I do not object to anonymous comments (as long as they are constructive)but if you must remain so please create a pseudonym.

  7. How about Herr Goebbels as a nickname for anonymous? Because the language he uses is disgusting. On the other hand, by using this nickname I start insulting our German friends. I apologise for that. Lord Haw-Haw seems to fit anonymous much better.

  8. Anonymous18/9/10 11:45

    Anoymous anonymous here (must not be confused with that 'disgusting' anonymous). Insulting our German friends? In my opinion we (TMS) collectively do that every time we have a Crich Let's Play At War Weekend (we call it a 40s Weekend) and we make money from it. I would call that really disgusting.

  9. Jason Bourne18/9/10 19:45

    Dear Anonymous. What is this HUGE chip you appear to have on your shoulders regarding the problems with Blackpool 125 and the pictures Richard posts on this blog? What are your problems and major malfunctions???
    If you intend to point the finger make sure you get your facts straight first rather than listening to the gossips that don't know a hot box from their elbow!
    Ask yourself this question, why does Richard take pictures in the Workshop? Mmmm. How about just asking and mutual respect or is that some sort of alien concept? I haven't had a problem.
    Instead of anonymous try invertibrate?

  10. @ Anonymous anonymous (post dated 18/09/10 11:45): I as one of the few German volunteers at Crich do not find the 1940s events insulting, so please relax. What I do find slightly odd, however, is people parading in Nazi uniforms at events in the UK (we did not invade Britain, did we?) but this fortunately does not happen at Crich.

    Even though we are catching up, I believe Britain is lightyears ahead of Germany when it comes to preserving, presenting, interpreting and teaching history which is one of the reasons I enjoy coming to the UK.

  11. Christoph, it doesn't happen often that the Dutch and the Germans agree, but what you just said could have come out of my heart. Not only about people parading in Nazi uniforms in Britain (though a small part of the UK was invaded, the Channel Islands). Also the examples set by Crich and other museums are still outstanding.
    I can add that having come to Crich since 1981, each time the workshop makes us feel very welcome indeed. They have a curious way of showing this by making silly jokes about us, such as the traditional greeting: "Hi William, when are you going?" but we know we are welcome. And we appreciate that, by helping doing small but necessary jobs. And each time we learn, we learn from what Crich does well and from what it does not well. We hope to learn for many years to come, and enjoy the friendship at Crich. Though we like British tram uniforms more than Nazi uniforms.