Saturday, May 14, 2011

Edinburgh 35 and Sheffield 510

Trams from two capital cities side by side with Liverpool 869 in the background.

Sheffield 510 has been dumped at the back of the depot for about 5 years now.
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  1. Be patient, Richard. 510 is on the list of trams to go into the workshop for overhaul, but there are space issues (obviously), so 345 and 166 must be finished first! There may be one above 510, but its going to be receiving a full overhaul soon.
    There are always different trams that people would like to see restored/overhauled (I personally would love Paisley 68 done, but know it's going to be a long time before its done) so not everyone is going to be happy with the choices made.

  2. Fantastic to see Edinburgh 35 prominently displayed for a change - I hope it stays there as its a stunning tram and I feel it has always been somewhat neglected by being buried in just about the least accessible part of the depot.
    As for 510, considering how long its been out of service its a shame it couldn't have been put in Depot V or even the Exhibition Hall which would offer a bit more protection for it. At this rate, 35 could be running again before 510...


  3. Nigel Walker14/5/11 12:47

    Richard, 510 is the subject of funding from the Tramcar Sponsiorship Organisation (TSO) for remedial work to the panelling & a repaint in the last tram livery, as has been publicised. It is awaiting a slot in the workshop.

    It would be extremely helpful if you would add facts such as this to your comments and maybe also encourage people to join organisations such as the TSO so that restoration work at Crich can continue. All restoration work is now funded by sponsor bodies and the TSO (now in its 50th year) is the only such body which doesn't have restrictions on which members of the fleet it can support. There are only just over 170 members of the TSO yet we are responsible for the majority of cars that have come out of the workshop in the last 30 years. It's hard work trying to deal with every tram "dumped" at the back of the depot.

    Some encouragement would be gratifying. If it wasn't for the efforts of the TSO in the early days there would be very few trams in the depots at all!

    Nigel Walker

  4. ...and if anyone has an urge to help support Sheffield 510, you can read more about the appeal and the tram - and even download a form - from the TSO website - visit

    It will get done and is in the queue - however it is a major job and it is much better to finish 345 and LUT 159 first.


  5. And the inevitable plugging begins! I do wonder why 510 is still waiting for workshop space when Leeds 345 is being paid for by the TMS and yet has taken priority? That seems to go against everything we keep being told about trams not getting repaired or overhauled without external funding.

    Ignore the moaners Richard, and keep bringing us an honest view of current happenings at Crich without the constant begging for money that everyone else from the TMS seems to resort to. If people want to donate/volunteer etc, they will - excellent pictures such as yours are the best possible encouragement to support Crich.


  6. Nigel Walker17/5/11 11:24

    Hi Richard,
    I feel that there should be a response to Andrew W's comments...

    Leeds 345 is in the workshop for remedial work, being paid for by the TMS "under guarantee" if you like, just three years after the TSO and the PRISM Fund paid £190,000 to put the car in the running fleet for thirty years. The TSO needs to ensure that it gets value for the money it pays over and a prolonged withdrawl of the car after only 3 years was not considered acceptable by the TSO. There has been no "moaning" merely a business like approach to a problem that needed to be resolved.

    Andrew W (whoever he is) needs to consider his responses more carefully and seek out the relevant facts.

    Nigel Walker, Secretary, Tramcar Sponsorship Organisation.

  7. Why all the fuss. If you are anxious to ride a Sheffield Roberts car, hop on the bus to Lowestoft and enjoy 513 in its new surroundings over at Carlton Colville.

  8. @Andrew W
    Ironic that you say 'ignore the moaners Richard' when he is one of them. And as for 'begging for money', it's yet again a case of people who do very little for the TMS needing a dose of reality.

  9. Anonymous18/5/11 19:44

    Nigel - in response to your reply, I would like to take you up on something and seek out some facts. Why is Leeds 345 having to have so much work done to it after being restored at a six figure sum in the very recent past? From reading Contact I am aware that the tram has serious body defects and that the current repairs are only a temporary measure; also the tram has axle and bearing defects. The likes of Birkenhead, Beamish, East Anglia and Heaton Park could all have restored a tram at a fraction of the cost of 345, and all of their restored cars have lasted far better without the need for any such drastic repairs. Why is this? And perhaps more importantly, why should anyone donate their money to fund restorations at Crich when things like this happen?

    Finally, and in response to Ian's comments - the other tramways I have mentioned don't seem to beg in the ways that Crich do, yet they have a lot to be proud of. Trust me, a lot of people are sick and tired of the Crich ways but most are afraid to say it in public. I'm not.

    Andrew W.

  10. If you want to ride on 513 at Carlton Colville I would recommend checking when it is going to run in service before you go. There is no "Richards Blog" associated with the EATM so all the info is "filtered" before release.