Friday, May 20, 2011

Revised Press Statement

A press statemnt has now been published on the Museum web site.

Does anyone know anything about Amber Rock Resort?

A Google search reveals the following:

Amber Rock Resort - A Gem Set In The Heart Of The Valley

Amber Rock Resort website - family holidays, weekend and short breaks in Derbyshire.

In reply to the comment this could be the most exciting development for the Museum for many years. I an trying to find out more about it.

Another Google reference:

  1. The proposed development consists of approximately 130 straw bale lodges of ... Derwent Landscape Character Area, but not the Crich quarry site itself.


  1. Dear Richard,
    I'm surprised with this changes, but I doesn't have any idea of wich consecuences futures it means.
    In your opinion, it will be, a good or a bad new for these trams collection?

    20/5/11 13:31

  2. could be an intresting development, but I bet certain people on the board wont like it. Wonder what Mr Wright will say - probably something about how we didn't do it in the 60s - although he's probably too busy trying to get votes. He needs to go this year - too stuck in the past.

  3. There is something deeply flawed about this proposal as it is currently set out.

    All the "links" that would give some background to the scheme, its owners, its designers and their pedigree, relevant and convincing consultation, and liaison already carried out, etc, are inactive. The total assets of the resort appear to be a website that could be knocked up by a techie in afternoon

    Albeit that I have only given the explanatory pages a cursory examination - the technical assurances as to "straw" lodges is facile - to say the the least! The water feature appears to be the unmodified quarry pit - what about depth and safety?

    The reliance on the tramway link is obvious - yet the TMS say that no contact has yet been made in any way.

    I would suggest the use of a very long spoon before supping with this lot in too much detail.

    As a concept, however, the idea shares much with what I have suggested would be a superb leisure facility at Fleetwood Ferry.

    If you can visualise a hotel and retail complex built over and around a three road tramcar storage and display facility, looking over to the Lake District, with direct links to Blackpool, yet self sustaining from its own revenue earning capacity - what a boon to Fleetwood that could be.

    And its no more unrealistic than this.

    If they can turn up with financiers, convincing professional advisers, and the local planners in thrall - there may be a lot to talk about - but property development is a big boys game.

    Make sure there is a permanent and unbreachable firewall between the museum and any development, and that in the case of any unenvisaged separation of the ways - that the TMS has already premanently secured ownership of all the new tramway infrastructure ahead of any other creditor, or financier.

    In the meantime -let's watch and wait.