Sunday, May 22, 2011


I am thinking about increasing the picture size and the width of the centre column. However last time I tried this there were problems and I reverted to the present size.
This time I have been testing the new layout at and
Any comments?


  1. Richard ! always adding new and interestings blogs !, personally I like the first layout, seems more proffessional than the second, in my blogs I try to resize the photographs with an horizontal proportion,you can see it at some of my posts.

    Go ahead ! your posts and photographs are excellent...

  2. I prefer the layout of the travel with a bus pass blog, however the top image is too wide for my screen. The tramway blog would benefit from having wider pics. Gary

  3. Like metroladgaz, I find the top image too wide. However, the remaining images fit just fine, and I hope that you will introduce the larger size to the Blog.