Sunday, May 01, 2011

Manchester and Lowestoft

On Friday two groups of distinguished guests visited Crich: one from the Museum of Transport Greater Manchester and the other from the East Anglia Transport Museuem.
It is now over 40 years since Manchester buses were painted red but this one still seemed very familiar to me (SELNEC took over in Nov 1969 and adopted an orange and white livery).

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  1. Nice to see the old MCT Burlingham bodied Titan. Not sure these beasties ever ran the 43 - at Withington White Lion, it diverted off the gold mine of Oxord Rd and Wilmslow Rd and disappeared down Burton Road to serve the West Disbury shops before ending up at Southern Cemy.The 43 tended to be in the hands of Parrs Wood's older Titans. Ralph bennett (MCT manager) renumbered all The Wilmslow Rd routes in the 40-series (eg 161 Gatley became 45, Airport 64 became 44)but 41,42,43 reatined their old numbers. I recall the chaos it caused when first introduced. Burton Rd is now in the hands of the 111 an extended old 97 via Yew Tree Rd in my day.