Thursday, November 21, 2013

HOUSTON (& GALVESTON) OCTOBER 2013 - Martin Miller

Houston City Centre
Our last day was in Houston where one route operates, the Red Line, but construction was in evidence for a Green line and an extension to the Red line northwards was complete with evidence that testing was taking place.
approaching Fanin South
departing Bell Station
Near Bell Station is quite an attractive water feature
Route plan showing extension of Red Line
Fanin South - southern terminus of Red Line
Construction of the Green and Red line intersection

Galvaston - had four diesel powered streetcars moving round the "old town" up to 2008 and Hurricane Ike. Despite much detective work and visits to their transport people and car barn no evidence remained that the vehicles were still there! However, a photo of a "trolley" stop for the collection. The town could certainly do with something to liven it up which the streetcars must have done.

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