Sunday, December 22, 2013


In accordance with tradition the Crich Workshop team held their annual Richard Lomas Memorial Christmas Jumper Competition on Wednesday 18th December 2013 in The Brunswick, Derby. Richard had been a very regular attendee of this event and always recorded it for his blog.
Enjoy, Richard would have done so!

 Would you let these men mend your trams? The spare pint in front was for Richard which somebody generously bought for our absent friend. Although the participants all missed our absent friend, they couldn’t abide seeing a pint going to waste on the table, so it got supped!
 Mike Crabtree is still wearing that old jumper he first wore at the 21st December 2008 event. It is now considered to be an artefact and is conserved so as to be available for this annual event, the only time it is now ever worn. Clearly Colin Heaton thinks its time he had a new one!
Laura Waters has just learned that Mike Crabtree intends bequeathing the aforesaid jumper to the museum’s archive
 Participants looking round to see who was to be persuaded to buy the next round
Richard Robson seen this year sporting a new jumper

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