Saturday, December 19, 2015


In accordance with tradition the Crich Workshop team held their annual Richard Lomas Memorial Christmas Jumper Competition on Friday 18th  December 2015 in The Brunswick, Derby.
Richard had been a very regular attendee of this event and always recorded it for his blog.
Enjoy, Richard would have done so!
The toast ‘absent friend’ has now very sadly been extended to ‘absent friends’, as John Shawcross, like Richard was an ardent stalwart supporter of this annual event
It should be noted that Mike Crabtree stayed awake for the proceedings this year, the second year running he has managed to do this – the only man known to have drunk a pint whilst asleep!
Ian Rigg appeared in his ‘hoody’, whilst Mike Crabtree has at last bought a new jumper, although he insisted in wearing his flat cap in memory of John Shawcross

Michael Blake wore this jumper last year, whilst Richard Robson took a more restrained approach to jumper wear

Karen Rigg introduced a different slant on the Christmas Jumper style by opting for the polar bear look.

Phil Spowart, ‘Spowart Major’ introduced a more youthful ‘Dr Who’ look

Neil White an emissary from the Traffic Department, rather stole the show on his appearance at this event by wearing a jumper that lit up with flashing lights!

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