Saturday, September 15, 2018


On our way to the Summer Palace, we were held up by a tram. Seems it was entering a depot, the pantograph snagged a trolleybus wire - see the bent wire. Good to see the Rolling stock engineer was sorting things!

Our guide told me there is a tramway museum in St Petersburg, she called and found today was an open day, admission free and a tram running! Jumped in a taxi, no time to waste. First thing to see was this historical trolley bus  from 1936 first batch they ever had

The museum is a former tram depot housing many trams, it has tracks going all round the site and a 1930s car plus trailer were in operation. We had a ride, noticing most of the “Crich”rules were broken. Kids rode with the driver, standing in front of the controller. I spoke with some guy in charge who knew about “Creech”.

Controller of a 1930's tram

Lovely to ride in this 1930’s tram

Yet to be identified

This is a replica of the first electric trams built by Brush for St Petersburg.

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