Sunday, December 22, 2019

SYDNEY 14 DECEMBER 2019 - Owen Brison

The new City and South East tram line opened for public service on Sat 14 Dec. The trams run in coupled pairs. They have pantographs but, in addition, pick up from a third rail from the Town Hall stop down to Circular Quay. The third rail is only meant to be alive when a car is over it.  
Attached are some pics from the first morning:
1074: 3 (double) trams at the Circular Quay terminus. 
1154: a northbound tram in George St. near the Queen Victoria Building on the third rail section. The QVB used to be a market but these days is a shopping centre. 
1181: a northbound tram in George St. approaching Town Hall where it will lower pantos and start on the third rail section. 

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