Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Men at Work

1. Richard Stead selecting some wooden trim.
2. Geoff Lomas sweeping Paisley 68 at the end of service.
Not a bad day with some sunshine. Trams in service Paisley 68, Leeds 345 and Southampton 45.

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  1. Anonymous31/8/07 09:37

    Suprised you were allowed in the workshop to take photos. Doesn't seem like many other people are allowed or want to go in these days.

    Or prehaps its just me

  2. Anonymous4/9/07 13:31

    The workshop is most usually welcoming to people who bring skills, goodwill and hardwork. However people are fallible and prone to disagreements and misunderstandings. Museum volunteers and staff are a team, lets try to put an end to the squabbling and work together for the benefit of everyone, treating each other with respect as human beings.

  3. Anonymous18/2/08 18:24

    We in the workshop are most welcoming to anybody who wants to help. What we don't like is some people who think that just because they are members should have a free rein to just walk into the workshop and start talking/disrupting any work that is happening (this is a dangerous practice) or borrowing workshop equipment leaving us short of tooling (in the past tools haven't been returned).