Friday, February 27, 2009

The John Price Memorial Library

During January and February the Library has been upgraded with the installation of new storage shelves.
The Library consists of 7 rooms spread over three floors. On the ground floor is a store room which has not been changed and four others: Reading Room, Drawings, Artifacts and Journals. On the first floor there is the Company Records Room and on the second floor there is the late Winstan Bond's Book Collection. In addition, housed in the Assembley Rooms, are the photogrphic and film collections and more store rooms.
Major construction is complete except for the Reading Room.
1. The shelving in the Drawings room is now complete with the majority of drawings stored flat. But as can be seen in the picture there are still quite a lot to unroll.
2 & 3. In addition to shelves, the Artifacts Room has separate storage area for pictures, destination blinds and uniforms.

4. The Journals Room.

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