Sunday, May 16, 2010

Something different

Yesterday we rode on the Parry People Mover from Stourbridge Junction to Stourbridge Town and back.

The riding qualities of 139 002 are similar to those Glaswow 812. They both find and amplify any imperfection in the track. The track at Stourbridge is old and uneven with fishplated joints, a couple of sharp curves and a large rail greaser so 139 002 rocks and sways at quite modest speeds but at least the wheels don't squeal. Otherwise 139 002 seems to be doing a good job and with a departure every 10 minutes mid-morning it is being quite intensively used. I was surprised at the open driving cab on a railway vehicle operating in an urban area and I wonder what the economics are as there was a crew of two. Posted by Picasa

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  1. Anonymous17/5/10 20:55

    I've just been directed by a friend to your picture of me on the People Mover. I'm on the left next to the woman. Can you remove it from your blog, because you never asked me for my permission, which I think is very bad manners. My name is Dave Summers. I had to use anonymos to contact you.