Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Horse trams

Chesterfield 8 and Sheffield 15 were moved from the exhibition hall to the workshop yesterday. 15 will be taking part in the 150 Years of Trams event on Monday and I think 8 is required for a photo shoot.

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  1. Brilliant pictures as always Richard - the shot of 8 & 15 both on the traverser is superb! Never seen anything like that before!

  2. Apothecary26/5/10 20:09

    Richard, at times I'm sure many of us have rather taken our horse-drawn trams for granted compared with their electric sisters. These pictures out in daylight should remind us of what delightful little treasures they are. It's only a pity that they can't come out to play more often.

  3. I completeley agree with Apothecary's comment above - the horse trams are terribly underrated and certainly deserve more attention than they get. Having said that, I'm a lot happier now they are properly displayed rather than just plonked in a depot with no explanation on their historic value. It would be nice to see them run more often but the cost of hiring horses in can't really be justified.

  4. I think the reason that horse drawn trams are sometimes overlooked over the electrics, is that once overhead is in place it's easy to run an electric tram but a horse drawn requires organisation and horses need to be hired. That is certainly the case with L53 at Heaton park anyway, it's a beautiful tram but the cost of hiring horses isn't cheap.

  5. Anonymous28/5/10 11:58

    Sorry to disappoint you Andrew but Sheffield 15 and Chesterfield 8 have been on the traverser together before. Unfortunately no pictures were taken as the staff involved were too busy!