Thursday, May 13, 2010

Leeds 2

Leeds 2 was in the workshop on Tuesday.
399's truck has been reduced to even more pieces.Posted by Picasa


  1. After reading some of the stuff on this blog I felt like being positive... so, how good is it to see Leeds 2 commissioned again? Granted its not the most useful tram, but it will certainly be good to see it running again. Everyone involved in preparing it for use deserves a big 'thank-you' I think!

  2. @Andrew: If you look at Crich's blog, Leeds 2 will be running on the Enthusiast's Day(s) on the Bank Holiday :)

  3. There's just the one Enthusiasts event, on May 30th. 150 Not Out! on the 31st is going to be aimed at families rather than Enthusiasts - though the horse car is advertised as running so that might be a draw?

    In terms of Enthus it normally sees all the running works cars out at some stage, which this year should be T2, 038, 131, 330, 717 and GMJ - the most for some years I think! And of course, Postman Pat will probably be seen shunting demics :)