Sunday, December 19, 2010


On Thursday Charles Grey asked me:   Just by way of interest Richard - how many visitors do you get to this blog?

Here are last weeks figures which are a bit higher than usual:
Total ....................... 97,715
Average per Day ................ 230
Average Visit Length .......... 2:34
This Week .................... 1,613
I am also getting an increasing number of anonymous comments which is confusing as anonymous often seems to disagree with him/her self.
Please send in comments but please be like Charles and identify yourself.


  1. Richard's Tram Blog friends, Merry Christmas for you from Spain ( with a little uruguayan flavor !! ).

    These figures are the demonstration of a good job and an interesting blog, continue please with this excellent work !

  2. Simple solution Richard, if those posting comments don't have the balls to use their own name then don't publish their comments!

  3. I find this blog far from excellent. To my opinion Richard willingly supplies a platform for unfounded rumours and criticism in a very personal way which is sometimes on the edge of outright slander. In fact perhaps Richard is lucky for living in the UK because under Dutch law he could have been held liable to prosecution, not for expressing his opinions but for allowing public slander. I can't see how somebody who helped to build our museum and as such has a good record as a pioneer, has fallen so deep to allow others to vandalise what he has helped to create. A public blog like this should stimulate visitors to come to the museum, not deter them.