Monday, December 06, 2010

A thoughtful email

Nick has posted a very thoughtful comment about the structure of the Museum on Yahoo Groups. I tried to post a link but life is not that easy as Christoph has explained.

"The Yahoo group is for approved members only and you have to have a Yahoo account to read the group archive. There is no possibility for non-members of both the group and Yahoo to access the posts. This is one of the disadvantages of the group over the forum ("my" forum) where all past messages are available to all members, irrespective of the join date.

Having said that, I believe all group members would welcome more input to the discussion and you may feel free to advertise the group. Potential members may join by writing an email to The group moderators, Jack Gordon as founder, Andrew Waddington, Stephen Kemp, Gareth Prior (of British Trams Online fame) and myself, will then get a notification and one of us will activate access."
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