Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stone workshop - 14th December 2010 (2)

The floor of the stone workshop is being strengthened to support a new steel frame inside the building. This frame will support both the roof and a mezzanine floor.

This picture shows how part of the existing concrete floor has been removed and is being replaced with higher specification re-enforced concrete to support the steel work.

In reply to the comment Board member Richard Sykes has kindly provided the following explanation:
"The TMS with the agreement of the HLF have placed a contract for this construction project with Tomlinsons. Within the fenced perimeter the building site is a restricted area within the terms of the Construction Design and Management Regulations. The contractor, Tomlinsons, have obligations under these Regulations to control all access and activities.
No TMS member, or indeed any one else, has authority to enter this restricted area without the permission of Tomlinsons.
Tomlinsons are therefore the only people with the authority to allow or deny access for photographs."
Finally I will add that these photographs were taken with the permission of, and under the supervision of Tomlinsons assisstant manager who was very friendly and helpful.


  1. Good morning to you. Richard.

    Great shots of the interior of the Stone Workshop - I assume they are yours. Could you explain the procedure for gaining accesss to this restricted site so that other TMS members can take the opportunity of having a look inside as the work progresses?

    Please, please give details - I'm sure there will be lots of takers wanting to see behind the scenes.


  2. Anon
    I think that's the problem, too many folks wanting to have a gander will eventually mean that a curtain is drawn on access for everyone. After all the contractor is there to do a job not accompany those wishing to take photos. Better to rely on photos from a few dependable sources.