Sunday, December 12, 2010

Be Careful

Five years ago I started to work as a volunteer in the library. I did as I was asked and made lists of artifacts in Excel spreadsheet form with the idea that one day they would be imported into a comprehensive catalogue/database. I thoroughly enjoyed this work and I also raised just over £3,000 by selling surplus books and pictures of buses. After a couple of years I felt that I could make a much greater contribution if I was allowed to participate in the decision making process rather than, in effect, doing odd jobs for the curator.

This was my downfall. Ian Dougill and Malcolm Wright would not tollerate someone else on their patch. They didn't acknowlwdge my application and then then simply put me down by saying 'no vacancies'. I became angry and upset and did some silly things which enabled them to have me 'banned for life' on trumped up charges.

So my advice to Wim and others who are coming up with ideas and wanting to make changes is to watch your backs and be careful. Being 'banned for life' is absolutely awful.

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