Monday, April 11, 2011

Manchester Metrolink (4)

For a short distance the tramway runs between The Ashton Canal and Pollard Street to the first stop at New Islington (you can just see some poles in front of the red building in the background).

New Islington stop under construction.

After New Islington a short stretch of street running  on Merrill Street.
The next stop at Holt Town with Ashton New Road on the right. The line then goes under the bridge and continues away from the road to Sportcity Stadium, then turns right and runs alongside Alan Turing Way.


  1. Hi,stumble upon your blog and become your new follower. Love reading your posts and looking forward to reading more. I used to live in Islington back in 1989 for more than 2 years...Miss the place very much.Please do not hesitate to visit my blog and become a follower as well...Have a nice day.

  2. Nigel Walker13/4/11 10:29

    Good morning Richard,
    The overhead running wire was being installed this morning along Merrill Street and across to Holt Town.
    There was also a low loader of traction poles waiting to unload for the stretch of track alongside ASDA on Ashton New Road ( the tram stop & it's shelters are already in position here).
    All they (Metrolink) need to do is to learn how to run a tramway on the infrastructure as opposed to a branch line railway.

  3. Nigel Walker14/4/11 09:58

    .... Running wires up over both tracks this morning, bright, shiny, brand new wire, hope it doesn't fall prey to the cable thieves before they can energise it!