Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sheffield diversions (3)

City to Granville Road
Trams from Halfway were terminating at the back of the station.

I travelled from Castle Square on this bus with a rather bored driver.

Inbound tram passengers were being directed by the lady in yellow who told me I wasn't allowed to take photographs.

It was quite a long walk from the bus to the tram so I followed the progress of the pink umbrella...

...round the corner and up the hill...

...across the tracks...

...and along the path to the platform.

Thanks for the comments Geoff. There is no real reason for adding my name to the pictures so I will stop doing it. With regard to street photography I simply said that it was not against the law to take photographs on a public road and kept walking.


  1. Geoff Lomas27/4/11 18:08

    Nice piccys, as ever, Richard, although I'm sorry you are now putting your name in the bottom right-hand corner. No doubt this is for potential thieves (but couldn't they 'high tech' it out anyway if they did nick it?)I personally find it a bit distracting. Yes, I know, it's only small but I do find my eye drawn to it.

    As regards the jobsworth who told you you can't take photographs, what was your response? I hope it was suitably robust. I just don't know where these people get their information from that you're 'not allowed' to take photos. If you're in a station or on a platform etc then one of their favourite repostes seems to be 'it's private property'. They need reminding that it may well be private property (contendable in view of the fact that all the infrastructure is owned by public bodies)but it is a PUBLIC place. In the words of the late Terry Thomas they're 'an absolute shower!'

    Geoff Lomas

  2. Hmmm Geoff, I'd think twice before crossing her! She looks like she could knock you into the middle of next week. Max Cleworth a retired Blackpool photgrapher was told to stop taking pics on the pleasure beach loop by a middle age female inspector. Mind you, Max used to put his camera on the tracks to take those odd angled shots he was famous for. Perhaps she thought he was trying to photograph up her skirt!