Thursday, April 14, 2011

Manchester Metrolink (7)

A ride on bus service 216 from Droylesden to Manchester.

These pictures conclude my visit to Manchester last weekend. Work is also in hand in upgrading the former railway from Victoria to Rochdale via Oldham. On the Rochdale section the old track and trackbed has been removed so it will a completely new line when it opens.


  1. This all looks very different from the work being carried out on the East Didsbury extension. As someone who lived in M20 in the 50's and 60's and witnessed the tearing up of the old South District line, I can't suppress a wry smile when I read about all the bats and badgers in West Didsbury that will need to be rehoused before the new permanent way is laid. I'll say this for these creatures -they sure have a nose for a good place to live - I bet there were none living on Ashton New Road. I doubt I could afford a gaffe in the leafier parts of M20 where the new line will pass.How I would love to invest in a flat near one of the new tram stops and watch its value go exponential when the new LRV service commences in 2013! It's an ill wind...

  2. Memories, memories. I used to work in a leccy board showroom on Ashton New Road in '73. The BUT trolleys on route 216 were long gone even by then. Opposite us was the disued old Stuart Street power station and coal pit. They blasted the cooling towers and coal pit headgear one day and all our shop front windows went in at 1am the following morning. All the rats disturbed by the explosions had found their way across the main road to take up residence in the showroom basement.Looking out of there at some chain fencing today would be paradise by comparison.