Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Not good news

My diagnosis has been changed to Severe Acute Pancriatitis so I will be in hospital for many more days for tests and observations.
The longer term prognosis is still quite good and I expect to be able to take pictures at Crich and of the construction work in Nottingham which should start next year. I don't think I will be able to work as a tram conductor again.
At the moment I have limited access to the internet and it is too flaky to handle pictures but I can publish text.

I remain very concerned at the lack of a Treasurer at the Tramway Museum Society. Strong financial control has been the cornerstone of the Museum's success. Geoff Hyde ensured that money was spent wisely in the early days. Winstan Bond introduced more formal budgetary controls. (I overspent my Journal Editor's budget once and was quickly taken to task and never did it again.) Peter Moore continued Winstan's good work. A strong and independent Treasurer is vital to the future of the Museum.
TMS members should not stand idly by and let the present dysfunctional Board stitch something up. The Treasurer is elected by the members and not appointed by the Board. Is there anybody there?

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