Monday, May 17, 2010

Commercial Vehicle Museum

Did anyone see the program on BBC 4 last Thursday evening (13th May)? Are there any lessons to be learned?

Congratulations to Jack Gordon  for his review of the program. Not quite sure about the Gene Hunt stuff though - it makes me wonder how we old farts survived the 70s.


  1. Albert Tatlock17/5/10 19:43

    Quite a few lessons to be learned and some very interesting parallels to be drawn.
    Some very 'familiar' faces, stuck in the past, pursuing personal agenda, playing at buses and lorries and little idea of what makes a sucessful visitor attraction or what people expect in a day out in the 21st Century.

  2. I did watch the programme on Thursday and could relate an awful lot of what I see at Crich to it - both good bits and bad bits. I don't overly think there is anything that we could learn from that and we are already making good steps in the right direction. In the 2 years that i've been a TMS volunteer i've seen lots of changes happen, and i'd say it's much better now than it was when I started - when it was much more like the BCVM.

    Hope this won't be regarded as plugging (It's not meant to be!) but I started a thread on the programme on my website and quite a bit of discussion was generated. I sort of 'reviewed' it and paralleled it with Crich, and it can be read about at you are interested. I don't expect any/everyone to agree with my views, but I think we should all be able to give them! Incidentally if you want to add yours to that then you can do so as an 'Anon' (As much as it pains me to say that.) if you so desire. Sorry for this possibly being a plug, and thanks to Richard for letting me post it!


  3. I think that some people at Crich certainly need to see this and learn from it! As someone who never saw the trams in the streets I can see things from a different point of view, and so can other volunteers my age. But unfortunately most of us in that situation haven't been there long enough to be listened to :(

  4. Anonymous18/5/10 11:34

    The production company apparently came to Crich when researching suitable museums. Would you all have been happy seeing Crich's problems rather than the BCVM's up there on the screen?

  5. @ Albert Tadlock et al.:
    Here is the £1.000.000 question: What is the purpose of the TMS?
    a) To preserve part of the nations heritage for future generations
    b) To run a successful tourist attraction
    c) To provide pleasure and a playground for a select few people who happen to be in key positions
    d) a) b) and c) but open for everyone who chooses to join in to help and have some fun.

    Kind regards


  6. Geoff, Colby, Isle of Man19/5/10 12:02

    I write as a TMS member for more than 50 years who, sadly, by reason of advancing age and physical distance from Crich, has not visited the museum for many years. I am saddened by many of the comments posted on this blog: free, open debate is all very well, but why be so snide and petty? I understand that there are differences of opinion, but surely they can be expressed calmly, politely and constructively. Are we not all supposed to belong to the TMS to support the idea of preserving and displaying our tramway heritage and (whisper it) to have some enjoyment and fun in so doing? If I am able to visit Crich again, I hope I'll find a friendly, pleasant welcome, not a band of snarling faces!

  7. In response to Geoff in the IOM. There are still a lot of very happy people at Crich, DONT let the negative comments about one or two imply that everyone is like that. I like MANY other try to be warm and inviting to all our visitors, members and staff.

    I could comment on an overheard conversation on the East Lancs railway between several traffic staff at Bury who were complaining about changes to canteen facilities for crews, it happens EVERYWHERE!

  8. In response to Anonymous, yes. In my opinion it might give the Society the kick it needs (In my opinion) to sort out some of the problems that I think it has. Plus, it's free publicity!

  9. I find myself agreeing with Jack, it may have been a good thing. Hopefully the people who are causing the minor disagreements at Crich will watch the program and think. It seems to me that it is a select few people, only 2 or 3, that are causing the strife, but with any organisation (especially one like the TMS!) there are bound to be people who disagree!