Wednesday, June 09, 2010

London United 159

These pictures were all taken yesterday.

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  1. Does anyone know when this tram is going to be completed and put into passenger service?

  2. @Rich

    Only God might know that!

    (And I spare the words that you might be welcome to perform some tasks in the workshop to release manpower for 159.... Oops, now I did say that :-) )

  3. Thrashing Spanner10/6/10 23:09

    Yes, you did Christoph : ( but no surprise really. What do you base your comments on? Hear- say? cyber babble? rumour? How dare you pass comment or make judgement on current projects and issues at Crich when you haven't been there for how long??????????????
    Rich. Make your own mind up, or better still, just go to the Workshop and ask,they don't bite ; )

  4. How about putting on some work cloth and come and help in the Workshop?
    They serve excellent tea and even Dutch ladies are welcome there (as long as we don't beat England in the World Cup).

  5. @ Thrashing Spanner

    I think I have to make it more obvious when I try to use irony or even humour. You must have misunderstood my intentions.

    On a more serious side: We all know that projects such as the restoration of a tramcar may contain some unknown factors which can and do make predictions on timescales rather difficult, hence my retort with a religious aspect. True, at present my information is second-hand at best but if any predictions are available to you and if those can be put into the public domain, why don't you just post them here or somewhere else? And isn't it most obvious that asking someone in the workshop at Crich is a much better idea than asking here?

    Finally I would like to mention (and I know that this is a repeat) that I prefer to speak to people of whom I know the identity. Some people who comment on here frequently use their real names, others don't. Funnily, I can not help the impression that those who are sometimes critical and would like to see some change use their real names and do not hide behind pseudonyms or "Anonymous" whereas those who defend the current status and attack the critics do not reveal their real names. Any idea what to make out of that?

    If you wish to contact me try heuer.c (at)

    Kind regards


  6. @ Thrashing Spanner

    Postscript: You wrote "How dare you pass comment or make judgement on current projects and issues at Crich when you haven't been there for how long??????????????"

    The answer to that is, that is it just over two years which is far too long for my liking but not my own decision. I may explain backgrounds privately if you wish.

  7. LOL @Thrashing Spanner! But you make a good point, when were you last at Crich Christoph? XD

    I would be worse than useless in the workshop myself, but my brother has worked in the workshop before (and probably will again when he finishes the engineering course he's on at college) and he loves that sort of thing. He cleaned and painted the entire underside of Leeds 180, and has done a lot of work on the general maintenance of the workshop itself (like cleaning Road 2 Pit just before I cleaned Paisley 68's top deck after stabling it there for a service and subsequently shoving all the muck off the front of the tram straight down into the pit! Which the workshop actually told me to do 3:-)).

    I work on the trams raising money for the restoration of them and the continuation of Crich Tramway Village, and love it, so I think I'll stick with what I know :-)

  8. Anonymous13/6/10 08:54

    I have been a member of the TMS for about 40 years and find some of the recent comments in this column very destructive to he image of the Society to others who may read Richard's blog. Those who have written such rude comments about others are not welcome as Members and should be asked to resign. There is a great difference between constructive criticism and rudeness! What sad lives these people lead.