Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Diddler

Graham Feakins has sent me this link.

'I am so pleased that you are gaining strength and back in the comfort of your own home, also having a chance to visit Crich.  Not the best weather yet, though!  Nobody would have guessed six months ago that all this misfortune would have befallen you and I imagine that frequent visits to the hospital are still required. 

I have just received this video from ‘the other place’, where many former TMS members found a new welcome in the past (but I personally have not visited for years):

It is 50 years ago this month that London’s trolleybuses sadly finished.  Don’ forget that at its peak, there were nearly 2,000 trolleybuses in the London Transport fleet, with some routes running at 2-minute intervals!  At least they were electric, even if they did replace the trams.  The Diddler trolleybus is now 81 years old and looks better than it did when it officially closed the LT trolleybus system in 1962!

You need no reminding that the LT trams finished 60 years ago – 5th July, 1952.  There’s a nice HR/2 in the video, complete with adverts, as expected, in stark contrast to the bare E/1 at Crich.'

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