Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Those were the days

Bob Carter gave me this photo when he visited me. We think it was taken in the mid-1960s.
From left: Michael Davies, Charlie Haycock, Bob Hall, ??, Richard Fairburn, John Baggs, ??, Ian Stewart, Eric?, Mike Crabtree.
Marjorie Hartwell, Christine Haycock, Norma Hall, Gladys Poplar.
Seated Faith and Merlyn Bacon.

John Henderson has added some more names:
Back from left to right:
Mike Davis, Charlie Haycock, Bob Hall, Bill Kerr, Dick Fairbairn, John Baggs, Tony Bacon, Roger Benton, Iain Stewart, Dick Hartwell and ???
Front row from left to right is correct>> Marjorie Hartwell, Christine Haycock, Norma Hall (nee Salt!) Gladys Poplar
Yes sat down are Faith and Merlyn Bacon
There is only the teenager on the right I cannot identify but Roger Benton may know who this person is.

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