Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Manchester (from Keith Chadbourne)

   I went up Ashton New Rd yesterday to see how things are progressing. I
cannot see any sign that they have started test running yet. The track
grooves are still full of muck in a number of places that you can see from
the top deck of a bus. There are three or four places where holes have been
dug in the road where there is new track (see the photos). There also is a
place where the overhead has been strung and tied back to traction poles
leaving a gap in the overhead. What for I have not the foggiest idea. This
does not show up too well on a picture. In yesterday's Manchester Evening
News it says that 1011 has been the first of the old cars to be withdrawn. I
have seen 3050 in the Old Trafford Depot yard. According to the M.E.N. 60 of
the new cars have been ordered and this has now been increased by another

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