Friday, October 11, 2013


I spent a few days in Angers with my local U3A group to see chateaux along the Loire, prior to joining the Longworth tour to Northern Italy.  There was a free afternoon on 23rd, so I decided to ride and photograph the tramway again as last year's photos weren't too good due to camera problems and wet weather.

Lovely bright interior of the trams

Tram just arriving at the Avrille Aredenne end of the route changing to non-pantograph running for a couple of stops between Acacias and Bascule.

Trams passing at Foch Maison Bleu

At Les Gares stop

Tram approaching Les Gares

Tram at Raillement looking towards the downhill single track section

Tram approaching Raillement up the hill on the single track section

Tram coming up the hill towards the university

Tram on the bridge over the river near the CHU hospital

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