Tuesday, October 08, 2013


These items of news were sent to me while I was away on holiday, but better late than never.

22nd September - Sheffield 510 in the workshop - the lower deck has had the wording repainted, still some electrical work to do, destination blinds, stainless steel on the bumper etc.  
28 September - Liverpool 869 has taken the place of LCC No.1 "Bluebird" which has moved into the depot. It was announced by the TMS Board at the end of 2012 that after full consideration it has been agreed that the LCCTT will raise funds from its supporters and other sources to meet the not inconsiderable cost of restoration of the tramcar to operational condition as London County Council No.1 ‘Bluebird’

28 September - Back in the 1970's Bob Hall coordinated the restoration of Leicester 76 in the stone workshop at Crich. Then one day it mysteriously was jacked out onto the main line. Now after years languishing in the Great Exhibition hall it has suddenly appeared in the depot. 

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