Sunday, October 13, 2013


This morning dawned dull and raining.

Bergamo to Albino line at Albino Station

Tram arriving into Albino Station

Tram at Bergamo Station - a fairly unremarkable line along a disused railway track

Bergamo funicular from Lower town to Citta Alta old town

No apologies for the photo of the bus on route 21 - it was a replacement  for the Vigilio funicular lunch break.  What a journey, hairpins, steep hills and all without taking the foot off the accelerator except to pick up passengers.

The Vigilio funicular arriving for the 3pm service after lunch break. I rode to the top and came straight back down again as I had seen the view on the bus ride.  Those who caught the next journey had the pleasure of climbing out of the funicular by ladder when it broke down just outside the top station!

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